The Roman Empire


Roman Empire Begins

27 B.C.

Octavian appointed by the senate with the name “Augustus” and rewarded as first emperor.
He went on to avenge the death of Caesar by defeating Mark Antony and Cleopatra and creating a new constitution.
Initiated an era of relative peace that was known as Pax Romana or The Roman Peace.
Rome was free of any large scale warfare for more than two centuries.

Roads, Aqueducts, and buildings were built.

The Roman Empire

Approx. 27 B.C. - 1453

Much of Rome Burns

64 A.D.

A great fire breaks out and destroys most of Rome.
Three out of Fourteen provinces were completely wiped out.
Only four remained untouched.
Emperor Nero used this to reconstruct the empire in the way he wanted.
Also used the fire to clamp down on the growing influence of the Christians.
Christians are tortured, arrested, and executed on the pretext that they started the fire.

Colosseum is Built

80 A.D.

The completion of the Colosseum was celebrated with 100 days of games.
Romans invade Scotland.

Hadrian Wall is Built

122 A.D.

Rome Splits

284 A.D.