10 Key Historical Energy Events


1809 First Electric Light Created

Approx. 1809

It was a lightbulb, but not the style of modern ones we have today.
First Oil Well in the U.S..

1838 Fuel Cell


Sir William Robert Grove developed the first fuel cell, a device that produces electrical energy by combining hydrogen and oxygen.

1854 Wind Turbine Invented

Approx. 1854

In Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. scientist and businessman Charles Brush builds the first wind turbine to generate electricity. Measuring 17 metres tall and using 144 cedar rotor blades, it has a capacity of 12 kilowatts.

1880 First Battery Invented

Approx. 1880

In 1799, Alessandro Volta developed the first electrical battery. This battery, known as the Voltaic Cell, consisted of two plates of different metals immersed in a chemical solution

1886 First Automobile Invented

Approx. 1886

In 1886 the first petrol or gasoline powered automobile the Benz Patent-Motorwagen was invented by Karl Benz.

1936 Hoover Dam Opened to Public


The Hoover Dam was opened to the public.

1941 First Silicon Solar Cell Invented

Approx. 1941

Early solar cells, however, had energy conversion efficiencies of under one percent. In 1941, the silicon solar cell was invented by Russell Ohl.

1954 The first Neclear power plant

Approx. 1954

The first actual nuclear power plant in America cranked up its generators in 1954. No nuclear power plants have been licensed in the United States since the partial meltdown of the reactor core of the Three Mile Island plant in Pennsylvania in 1979.

1960 Geothermal Power Plant

Approx. 1960

During the 1960's, the first large scale industrial geothermal energy power plant was constructed in the U.S.A and produces 11 megawatts of environmentally friendly, renewable, geothermal electricity.

1982 First Biomass Power Plant

Approx. 1982

The first small biomass power plants were built in America in 1982.