Getting Physical



776 BC


386 B.C.

This was the great philosopher's school which practiced physical education. He famously stated how one needs to have mental and physical health and that they do not split.

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

1778 - 1852

This man was known as the father of gymnastics and basically created the need for PE.

Modern Gymnastics Founded

Approx. 1800

The First Modern Physical Education Class

Approx. 1820

Soccer was Created

1850 - 1859

Soccer has been an influential sport across the world.

Physical Education offered in public schools

Approx. 1855

Gymnastics added to the Olympics


This is a massive turn in history making gymnastics an olympic sport. This opened up the eyes of many people to the benefits of exercise in life.

Most United States High Schools had mandatory PE

Approx. 1945

After WW2 it was an apparent need for physical education so it was made mandatory. This was only the case for men though at the time.

PE is now Mandatory


PE is now a large part of growing up.