60,000 B.C.E - 650 C.E



Approx. 4800 B.C.E

The cairn of barnenez is a monument located near plouezoc'h, on the kernelehen peninsula in northern finistere, france. It was built in around 4800 B.C.E it is considered one of the earliest monuments in europe as well as the oldest man made structure in the world.

Fall of Troy

1200 B.C.E

The Trojan War was made against the city of Troy by the Greeks after someone named Paris of Troy took a wife from her husband king of Sparta. The war is one of the most important events in Greek myths/beliefs.

Great Wall of China Built

771 B.C.E - 206 B.C.E

The great wall of china was finished being built in 206 B.C.E. It started in 771 B.C.E to protect against northern invaders. The first Emperor had this wall started during the Qin dynasty.

Founding of Rome

753 B.C.E

Legend says that Rome was found by two siblings Romulus and Remus. They claim that in an argument about who would rule the city, Romulus murdered Remus which led to him naming the city after himself. This is the most popular belief of how they found Rome.

Fall of Sparta

371 B.C.E

Sparta was hit by a massive earthquake in 464 B.C.E. This allegedly ended the city, but it rebuilt itself just barely. Sparta was finally defeated by the Thebes which ended their dominant role in Greece.

Roman Rule

Approx. 27 B.C.E - Approx. 14 B.C.E

The first emperor of Rome Augustus Caesar, descendant of Julius Caesar, began the prominent rule of Rome as a warrior city. They made a lot of advances in war and construction.

Life of Jesus

4 B.C.E - 30 C.E

Jesus was a preacher of the Catholic and Christian religions, well known for practically inventing the two religions. He is also known to those religions as Jesus Christ, and also sometimes known as Jesus of Nazareth.

Building of Colosseum

80 C.E

Colosseum's were one of the earliest Roman designs/inventions. It was a gigantic arena with thousands of seats, kind of like a much bigger version of a sports stadium, except instead of seeing people play sports, you see Gladiators and supposed huge warrior beasts try to kill each other. Mythical creatures or not, they still had Gladiators and other fighters fighting to the death. They even had a sliding floor that would open up to reveal a complex battleground. They were and still are really advanced.

Western Roman Empire ends, Ancient Rome falls, last Roman Emperor gets killed by German lord, Dark Age begins

476 C.E

The Dark Age states the end of the Roman era and the beginning of the Italian Renaissance, where we humans started to explore. It was a big improvement to our society and helped in many advances in technology and other things.

Life Of Muhammad

Approx. 570 C.E - Approx. 632 C.E

Muhammad was an islamic preacher, much like Jesus. He had a very brutal way to deal with things, but was popular and started what we know as today as the islamic religion.