Egytian and Renaissance Guitar (Vihuela)



186 - 1475

The Gittern

1200 - 1500

Had a fretted neck, gut strings, flat back and parallel sides.

Earliest Guitars

1300 - 1700

Appears in Spanish and Italian Literature around 1300. Includes Guitarra Latina, Guitarra Moresca. These are a form of Lute brought from North Africa to Spain by the Moors. They had four strings and five or six frets. The Vihuela de Mano had six or seven strings and ten or more frets.

Fret system

1400 - 12/31/2012

Cetera had moveable wooden block frets

Four Course Guitar


Italian: Chitarra da sette Corde or Chitarrino
French: Guiterre or Guiterne
English: Gittern

Five Course Guitar


Called Viola or Vihuela as well as six or more course instruments
Music called Vihuela de cinco ordenes

Chitarra Battent

1600 - 1700

Called " Beating Guitar " .
Arched Front and Back

1st Guitar Hero

1615 - 1681

Italian Francesco Corbetta. He taught guitar to LouisXIV of France.Dedicated his book "La Guitare Royale" to CharlesII of England.