TransCanada vs. USA


TC submits a draft RFP listing May 8, 2010 as a target

Approx. 01 November 2008

Presidential permit is issued for the Clipper Pipeline

01 January 2009

The State Department issued the first DEIS

Approx. 01 April 2010

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton pubicly declares SD is inclined to the pipeline

Approx. 01 October 2010

A bill sets the deadline to reach a decision before December 31, 2011

26 July 2011

New legislation is enacted to regulate the sitting of oil pipelines within Nebraska

25 Octobre 2011

Presidential permit is issued for the Texan-based company Cochin Pipeline

01 November 2013

SD declares it will take a decision before the end of 2011

15 March 2015