Civil war timeline


Battle of palimito ranch

May 13 1835

Palimito ranch near Brownsville
Last battle of civil war
General Robert e. Lee surrendered

Battle of ft. Sumpter

April 12 1861

Civil war begins at fort sumpter, Charleston harbor
Confederate fires first
Union surrendered fort

Battle of bull run

July 21 1861

Manasas Virginia
Confederate won, boost for south
4,700 KWC
1st major battle,

Battle of Shiloh

April 6 1862 - April 7, 1862

Pittsburg Tennessee
Union won
24,000 KWC
Killed general Albert s. Johnston “best general”

Battle of vicksburg

May 18 1863 - July 4 1863

Vicksburg Mississippi
Union won
36,000 KWC
Confederacy split in half

Battle of Gettysburg

July 1 1863 - July 3 1863

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Turning point of war
Union won
46,000 KWC
Bloodiest battle of civil war
South never recovered