Civil War Analysis Timeline


Constitutional Convention


Founding fathers, esp. James Madison, left the convention aware that the divide between North and South was because of slavery--ticking time bomb.

Northern Slaves


There were still 2,254 slaves in New Jersey.

Westernization impacted Slavery Divide


Senator Summer's clubbing, Proslavery soldiers led by Atchison destroy Lawrence, Kansas

Northern Army Retaliation


Brown's Northern Army, official beginning of Civil War

Dred Scott Decision


Divided Northern and Southern, abolitionist and pro-slavery, ideas and opinions.

Slaves' views of the Civil War revealed


The Peculiar Institute book is published.

Beginning of full-out war


President James Buchanan leaves office, Abraham Lincoln is elected.

Russian Emancipation of Serfs


U.S. one of the few political systems left in the world with forced labor and servitude--one of the last slave economies on earth at this time.

Confusion over reason for war

1865 - 1889

Not many documents or books were written about the cause of the war, so many Americans were in denial about slavery.

"Lost Cause" Southern Philosophy


Jefferson Davis's book sparked Southern vehemence against the slavery cause, provoked Southerners to deny that slavery was the cause of the Civil War.

Theodore Roosevelt Elected


Roosevelt wanted to progress beyond the Civil War, left many causes forgotten (his father was pro-Union and his mother was pro-Confederate), because he did not want to spark up the divide again.

Woodrow Wilson Elected


Southern President elected, believed in "Lost Cause" political justification for South in the Civil War

"Lost Cause" promotion in media


Gone with the Wind romanticized the Civil War and presented many Southern opinions to the public of how slavery was not a major cause.

African American voices rise up


The Strange Career of Jim Crow published, former children and descendants of slaves decided to make their voice heard.

Modern-day discrepancy


Governor Bob McDonnell declares Confederate History Month for the state of Virginia, omits slavery as an issue--but then corrects his omission after much criticism.