Go for the Goal Mia Hamm

By Ashley Kochis


Winning World Cup


Mia Hamm started in a postion she had never played before, but her coaches believed in her. This was also the first Women's World Cup ever.

The UNC Championship Team


Durning Mia's junior year, she scored against Duke in the championship game. The UNC won that game 9-1

A very physical game


The Women's National team played Brazil to get ready for the Women's World Cup. The players all said that it was one of the most physical games they have ever experienced.

Women's World Cup


The National Team sadly lost to Norway in the semi-finals.

1996 Olympic Gold Medal


Sadly the National team lost to Norway in the World Cup, but they all vowed that it would never happen again. They all kept their promises because they ended up beating China in the Olympic finals and collected their gold medals.

Garrett, Mia's older brother dies


Garrett played a very important role in Mia's life because he was the one that inspired her to get on the field everyday. Mia always looked up to her brother. He died from many difficulties that dwelt with bone- marrow and ended up with a rare blood disease.

Nike U.S. Women's World Cup


During this game Mia scored her 100th goal against Russia in the Nike U.S Women's Cup. Her shot was a perfectly driven ball that was followed by another goal off of a header.

1998 Goodwill Games


The National team beat Denmark in the semi0finals and they beat China in the finals. Mia scored 3 out of the 5 goals in the semi-finals and scored to win the finals at the last minute.

Mia's 100th Goal


Durning the game against Russia, Mia scored her 100th goal which was only the start of her career.

Woman's World Cup Championships


"We Won together" Mia Hamm. The women worked and played hard to earn their titles as World Champions.