linea de tiempo


In the twentieth century it began to recognize the concepts to the protection of the worker against the dangers and labor risks.

Approx. 1901

in the year 1945 after the Law was approved 6 (General Law of the Work) were promulgating disposals relative to the conventions of work, professional associations, collective conflicts and special jur


In 1946 with Law 90 is created the Institute of Social Insurance, with The objective of providing health and pension services to Colombian workers


 through the Legislative Act No.77, creates the National Office of medicine and Industrial hygiene and later  the Decree 3767 of 1949, they are established politics of industrial safety and hygien


Across the Law 100 of 1993 and of the Decree Law 1295 of 1994 created the System General of Professional Risks Objective was the creation and promotion of a culture of preventi


In 2008, the Decree 2646 gives an answer for the management of psychosocial risks and stress to which they are exposed workers.


the Law 2010, it refers to the labor harassment, protects the workpeople against this practice inside the companies.