Tv history

1931 - 2018

Loewe announces

1931 - 1953

loewe announces in Germany a monstrousness made of wood. The braun cathode tube allows a 14 centimeters diagonal screen

Finally cheaper

1953 - 1967

the grunding 610 is one of the first economic televisions out of Spain had to spend five salaries to buy it

finally color

1967 - 1981

Models such as the grunding t1000 color showed the color images in a diagonal of 63 centimeters. to have it, you had to pay half of what a car was worth, so the richest families had it

finally without fringe

1981 - 1996

with the 16: 9 TVs like the grunding monolith movie fans were happy to see the movies as in the movies only vhs tapes

flat and thin

1996 - 2000

philips presented his first plasma TV with a depth of 11.5 centimeters the resolution was 852 x 480 points still very far from the HDTV

from the presentation of Philips to the present

2000 - 2018

since the presentation of philips on your flat screen televisions have not had so many differences in the only thing that has changed is that they are becoming thinner and until 2018 have reached the warm 4k also integrate functions such as connecting to the internet among others