Race Riots


a mob of locals attacked concert-goers with baseball bats and rocks


A mob of 4,000 whites attacked an apartment building that housed a single black family in a neighborhood in Cicero, Illinois.

July 11, 1951 - July 12, 1951

Armed confrontation from Indians at a klu klux klan rally

Approx. January 18th, 1958

Southern segregationist civilians fought federal and state forces

September 30, 1961 - October 1, 1961

Allegations of police brutality that soon spread, and six days of looting and arson followed.

August 11, 1962 - August 16, 1962

The local chapter of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and its opposition by pro-segregationist civilians and police.

Approx. 1963

Black leaders led a protest which later turned into a brawl

May 11, 1963

The Division Street riots were episodes of rioting and civil unrest, which started on June 12 and continued through June 14, 1966.

June 12, 1964 - June 14, 1964

300 students from a nearby school who were informed by the principal rallied.Once the riots ended a total of four thousand new yorkers participated

Approx. July 16th,1964 - Approx. July 22nd,1964

The police response to the call included a K-9 Corps dog. Rumors alleging brutal actions by police against blacks spread quickly, and an angry crowd formed on Joseph Avenue and became violent.

July 24, 1964 - July 26, 1964