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Coining of the word "Genoicide"


After Raphael Lemkin coined the word genocide, many counties took action in recognition of that Armenian Genocide.

Large european powers step in


France and Britain stepped in and warned the Ottoman Empire on the Armenian’s behalf that they would be held responsible for “fresh crimes…against Christianity and Civilization”, along with Germany who sent men in who were meant to stop any greater atrocities from happening.

CUP attempts to limit reports on crimes.

October, 1915

The CUP attempted to limit reporting on its crimes, but many reports reached other nations. In October 1915, the "New York Times" reported that approximately 800,000 Armenians had been killed since May of that year, and described the crime as "hideous."

American's raise money for relief


Concerned citizens in the U.S. and western Europe raised over $100 million to help the Armenian refugees. Although a number of influential politicians voiced concern about these events, this never translated into political action. To this day, the international community has never required Turkey to pay restitution to the Armenian people for the life and property lost.

Punishments and Prevention of Genocide adopted by the United Nations

December 9, 1948

The United Nation's general assembly adopted the convention pertaining tot he punishment and prevention of genocide, which was later, in 1996 signed by multiple countries.

Signing of Bill on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

March 18, 1996

Once the word genocide was coined and publicized many countries continued to participate in genocide awareness after signing the bill against it because they were unaware of what things fell under the name genocide. The bill has since then been signed by over 142 countries.

Tension in the US government


In 2000, a resolution was presented by then Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert that would have recognized the events that took place in Turkey as constituting "genocide." President Bill Clinton fought against this proposal.

Clinton against the bill.

October 19, 2000

Though the United Nations defines genocide as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial or religious group," and the crimes in Turkey certainly fall under this definition, Clinton was successful in convincing Hastert to withdraw his proposal.

US fails to sign Genocide bill due to relationship with Turkey.


The U.S. is reluctant to offend its Turkish military ally, as it maintains an important military base (at Incirlik) and other investments in that country.The U.S. is reluctant to offend its Turkish military ally, as it maintains an important military base (at Incirlik) and other investments in that country. The US experts on terrorism belived it was in our best interest to keep strong alliances with Turkey. The turkish prime minister explains, “I think where there’s the most promise is in the idea that Turkey and the United States can build a model partnership, one in which a majority Christian and a majority Muslim nation, a Western nation and a nation that straddles two continents can come together; we can create a modern international community that is respectful secure and prosperous. This is extremely important,” and, “Model partnership is not an issue of preference, but it is a necessity.”

France takes steps to punish those who refuse to say the genoicde happened.

December 22, 2011

The As of 2011, the As of 20AsTurkey still denies that the genocide occurred, and refuses to allow any local investigation to gather further information. The U.S., as a major supplier of military and financial aid, has empowered Turkey to continue on this track. As of 2011, France has taken action to punish the Turkish government that has continued to deny the Genocide since 1915 by approving a bill that made it illegal to deny the Amrenian Genoicde of existing.

Current Day situation


During the last 80 years, the policies of the international community have not changed in regard to Turkey and the crimes it committed against the Armenians. Yet, Turkey has yet to aknoledge the thousands of deaths of innocent Aremnians and teaches the generations of people in Turkey a twisted misconception of the atrocitires, calling the genocide a "war".