Trail of Tears


Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Approx. March 27, 1814

500 Cherokee allies help secure Andrew Jackson's win and saved his life.

Old Settlers Move


A small amount of Cherokee people, known as the Old Settlers, moved voluntarily.

Indian Removal Act

May 28, 1830

President Andrew Jackson authorized the Indian Removal Act.

Cherokee Nation vs Georgia


The Supreme Court ruled for the Indian Removal act and the Cherokee Nation vs Georgia Case

Worcester v. Georgia


Supreme Court ruling was against the Indian Removal act for the Worcester vs Georgia case.



The US Gov. used the Treaty of New Echota to justify the removal of Native Americans, even though the Treaty Party was self appointed and did not stand for all of their people.

Treaty of New Echota

December 29, 1835

100 Cherokees, called the Treaty Party, signed off all Cherokee lands, and secured their deaths.

2,000 Cherokees


Only about 2,000 left willingly.