Latin american revoulution


Crillos dont like spanish rule and want to be free


The Crillos dont like the spanish rule and want to get free from them
Crillos: The people who were born and raised in venezuela

Civil war starts in venezuela

November 1810

Civil war started between revolutionaries and royalists
Royalists: Fighting for the spanish king

Earthquake hits 1st republic area and is devestated

March 1812

earthquake hits republic area and is devastated, royalist charge in to Caracas and takes over. First republic falls

Bolivar comes back to Caracas

August 1813

Bolivar returns to Caracas from New Granada and takes over Caracas

Lleneros have blood feud with the white Venezuelans


the Llaneros went on killing rage and killed as many white venezuelans. They forced second republic to east. royalist took over Caracas once again
Llaneros: A group fighting for the spanish rule

Francisco Tomas Morales takes over Llaneros group


Francisco Tomas Morales takes control of Llaneros decommissioned most forces except the ones he was taking to New Granada

Llaneros go on killing rage


Llaneros go through and kill any white venezuelan men they see

spain sends army to venezuela

December 1816

Spain sends massive army to the Venezuelan (area) and bolivar is pushed deep into Venezuela

Bolivar escapes and goes to Britain and then Haiti


Bolivar runs to Britain where he is rejected and then to Haiti where he is accepted

Bolivar returns and takes over a New Granada


Bolivar returns takes over New Granada and defeats royalists. The Republic doesn't get over thrown again