Russian Revolution Timeline


Bolsheviks were under Lenin's leadership


Women march on the Winter Palace

February 23, 1917

beginning a series of strikes, crippling the country

Conflict in the dual power begins to emerge

March 1917 - May 1917

Abolition of the death Penalty

March 12, 1917

Mensheviks and the Socialist Revolutionaries joined the government

May 1917

Milyukov resigned

May 1917

Alexander Kerensky became Prime Minister of the Provisional Government

July 11, 1917

Death Penalty abolished

Oct 27, 1917

Bolsheviks gained Moscow

November 2, 1917

Ukraine proclaimed independent by the Central Rada

November 7, 1917

Congress of Socialist Revolutionaries results in victory under Chernov

December 1917

The Germans invade Russia

Feb 18, 1918

Which is all but defenceless as virtually the entire army has deserted.

Bolsheviks accept the dictated peace of Brest-Litovsk

March 1918

Moscow headquarters was attacked by Bolshevik troops

April 12, 1918

White Armies attack the Bolsheviks from all directions


Poland invades Russia

April 25,1920

Mensheviks banned


Kronstadt rises demanding free election to the Soviets but is suppressed.

March 1921

Tambov insurrection was suppressed

May 1921

Lenin died