Chelsea Ramke


Between the wars

October, 1922

Fascism in Italy: Mussolini becomes Prime Minister of Italy. Mussolini set up a model that others aspire to imtate, roughly in Eastern Europe.

The Locarno Pacts are signed

December, 1925

The Locarnon pacts are signed in efforts to stabilize the relations with Germany. The pacts usher in a period of prosperity.

Joseph Pllsudki becomes virtual dictator in Poland

January, 1926

Joseph Pllsudki becomes virtual dictator in Poland and maintains his position until his death in May 1935

Germany nations

September 1926

The vote is unanimous, germany enters the league of nations

The Great Depression

October, 1929

Great depression, U.S.A stock market crash and starts a world-wide depression

The Spanish Monarchy is overthrown and the republic is born

April, 1931

A provisional government has established to take away Spain from monarchy to republicanism

Hitler is appointed chanceller of Germany

January, 1933

Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of the German reich

The Spanish Natlonallsts begin the Spanish civil war

July, 1936

Generals Goded, Mola and Francisco Franco have lead troops in rebellion against the republic, sparking the Spanish Civil war

Spanish Civil war ends

March 1939

The end of spanish Civil war occurs, Madrid falls to Francisco Franco's froces, effectively ending the Spanish civil war

German Reich

January 1993

The chancellor of the German Reich is Adolf Hitler