New France to 1763


Jacques Cartier


On April 20th 1534 he set sail from St Malo Brittany with 2 ships and 61 men. Later during his voyage he would discover parts of Canada.

Tadoussac Founded


In 1600 the town of Tadoussac was founded by François Gravé Du Pont a merchant ,and Pierre de Chauvin de tonnetuit a captain of the French Royal Navy

Quebec City Founded


Quebec City was founded by Samuel le Champlain July 3rd 1608 for the reason of fur trade.

Louis Hebert settles in Quebec


Louis Hebert settled in Quebec to farm on New France soil. and he settled in Quebec with the offer of a salary to practice medicine and to establish farming with 10 acres of land.

Company of 100 associates created


Company of 100 associates established in 1627 to replace little charted companies. They had 3 responsibilities: trade/populate/help evangelize

Krike brothers capture Quebec City


The krike brothers where sent to adventure and captured Quebec City and took over there beaver fur outpost

Trois Rivières founded


as founded by Samuel De Champlain in 1634 named because of the three channels at the mouths of the Saint-Maurice river.

Arrival of the ursulines


The arrival of the Ursulines they came to provide accommodation for the Filles de Roy. Like the first girl school in New France

Ville Marie is founded


Was founded on May 17th 1642 by Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance to evangelize.

Beginning of royal government


Was established in 1663 it replaced the company of 100 associates because they did not do what they where sapost to do with there with there monopoly