Venezuelan Revolution


Demands made by spanish government

1808 - 1810

Spain wants Venezuela to remain loyal despite Ferdinand VII being captured by the French.

Government attempts to crush revolutionaries

1810 - 1812

Simón Bolívar leads revolution, it becomes successful, then gets stopped by spaniards. (First Republic)

Revolutionaries gain Power

1811 - 1812

Bolívar teams up with Francisco de Miranda and start to build an "army" of troops to fight for independence.

Revolutionary Unity dissolves

1812 - 1814

Bolívar puts Miranda in charge of Patriot army. Bolívar becomes governor of Puerto Cabello, a key city. However, the earthquake of 1812 hit the revolutionary center and forced de Miranda to surrender, angering Bolívar.

Revolutionaries gain power, but it isn't radical enough

1814 - 1817

Bolívar emerges as the face of Venezuelan independence, but it is short lived.

Power is gained progressively

1817 - 1818

Bolívar refused to give up but resorted to look for local guerilla leaders to aid his side.

Leader emerges


Bolívar becomes the face of the revolution.

Period of terror

1821 - 1822

Fighting was constant, and people between the royalists and revolutionaries.

Extremists fight back

1821 - 1822

Throughout the war, Bolívar fights against all royalists supporting France.

Moderates gain Power


Bolívar and Company (Revolutionists) fight for New Granada (Venezuela) and defeat Spanish forces. Bolívar is elected as President