Detroit Race riot


8:24 a.m.: A fire has broken out in a 12th Street shoe store. Firefighters battle the blaze with no problems.

June 20, 1967

9 a.m.: The crowd on 12th Street has swelled to at least 8,000; police are trying to seal off the neighborhood.

July 23, 1967

3:30 p.m.: Many fans at the Yankees-Tigers doubleheader at Tiger Stadium can see huge columns of black smoke beyond left field.

July 23, 1967

9:33 a.m.: Community leaders are walking 12th Street, pleading for calm, but find little cooperation.

July 23, 1967

8:30 a.m.: Officials cancel all police leaves and order 12-hour shifts as the 12th Street disturbance spreads.

July 23, 1967

U.S. Rep John Conyers, a Detroit Democrat, uses a bullhorn as he tried to encourage African Americans in Detroit's riot area to go home. (Associated Press) 9:45 a.m.: U.S. Rep. John Conyers, on a car,

July 23, 1967

10:30 a.m.: The 12th Street crowd grows more hostile and throws rocks and bottles. Police make six arrests.

July 23, 1967

9:30 p.m.: Cops and National Guard shoot fleeing looter Frank Tanner at East Grand Boulevard and Helen, but lose him. Tanner collapses in pain.

July 24, 1967

3 a.m.: Detroit Police Officer Jerome Olshove is shot and killed by a fellow officer's shotgun during a scuffle with a prisoner arrested for looting.

July 25, 1967

11:30 a.m.: Willie McDaniels, 23, dies after being shot as a looter the day before. Witnesses dispute police version of events.

July 27, 1967