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Tuskegee Institute


he created a national political network of schools, newspapers, and the National Negro Business League (founded in 1901).

Dr.Robert R Morton's presidency


In 1915, moton left the Hampton Institute to accept a post as Tuskegee Institute in Alabama as its second president after the death of founder Booker T. Washington.

Tuskegee Veteran's 's administration hospital is opened

1920 - 1929

The Tuskegee Veterans Administration Medical Center began in 1923 as an old soldiers' home in Tuskegee, Alabama. It was originally called the Tuskegee Home,

Dr.Frederick D patterson presidency


At Tuskegee Institute, President Patterson (1935-1953) was responsible for transforming the Institute into a full-fledged university with graduate programs that exist to this day.[5] Over the course of his Presidency he founded the School of Veterinary Medicine, the Commercial Dietetics program, and spearheaded the University's engineering and commercial aviation programs.

Dr.Luther H, Foster's presidency

1950 - 1959

University status is achieved

1980 - 1989