Safavid Empire Context


Isma'il seizes land from what is now Iran.

1499 - 1501

Henry VIII of England becomes King

April 21, 1509

Battle of Chaldiran


Final face-off between Ottomans and Safavids; the Safavids were defeated by the use of artillery

Emperor Charles V of Spain marries Isabella of Portugal

March 11, 1526

Shah Abbas takes the throne


Puritans establish settlement in Plymouth

December 20, 1620

First Thanksgiving

Approx. October 1621

Pilgrims and members of Wampanoag tribe celebrate the successful crops

Salem Witch Trials

February 1692 - May 1693

150 people arrested, 19 people killed

Nadir Shah Afshar conquers land to India


Safavid Empire falls


Nadir Shah Afshar is assassinated