Brownsville Affair


The Brownsville Raid of August 13–14, 1906, an alleged attack by soldiers from companies B, C, and D of the black Twenty-fifth United States Infantry stationed at Fort Brown, resulted in the largest

August 13,1906

Brownsville Affair


Foraker, a nemesis of Roosevelt and an aspiring presidential candidate in his own right, kept the issue alive through speeches and writings over the next several years. He and Roosevelt clashed in addresses to the Gridiron Club in 1907 and hired private detectives to enhance their investigations

A Senate committee examined the affair in 1907-08 and sided with the president. However, some Republican senators felt the discharge was unjust and Ohio Senator Joseph B. Foraker cam

1907 - 08

Shortly after he left the Senate, Foraker was the guest of honor at a mass meeting at Washington's Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church. Though both whites and African Ame

march 6,1909

Brownsville and matamoros International Bridge opens

December 12, 1910

New Cameron County Courthouse built

September 27, 1914

Brownsville Affair


Population: 22,021

Matamoros-Brownsville charro Days Festival begins

February 24, 1938

Teatro Victoria in business

November 25,1946

Brownsville Affair


Stillman House Museum opens.[8]
Population: 48,04