Greek timeline


Mycenaean Conquest of Minoan Civilization

1450 BCE. - 1400 BCE.

After a series of unfortunate events, the Mycenaean's attacked and qonquered minoans

Trojan War

1190 BC - 1180 BC

It started when Queen Helen of Sparta andKing Paris of Troy eloped and Helen's husband got his brother to attack Troy and yeah and the Trojans used a wooden horse to sneak into Troy and murder everyone!!!

Dorian Conquest of Mycenae

1100 BCE - 1000 BCE

Dorian's name is based on Dorus, the name of a place and a person!

Sparta conquest of Messian Civilization

743 B.C. - 710 B.C.

The most likely reason for the war was Sparta wanted The fertile land that the Messenian People had and so the Spartans went and fought for it

Peloponessian War (2nd) - Athens v Sparta

499 BC - 449 BC

Sparta won at a cost

1st Persian War (Darius) Battle of Marathon

September 490 BC - 490 BC

The Athenians made up a tale of a man running from Marathon to Athens to send them the news of the invasion. True or not it is Real cool.

2nd Persian War (Xerxes) Battles of Thermopylae, Salamis, Plataea (spellings may vary)

480 BC - 479 BC

Persians Marched from Thermopylae to Salamis

Theban-Spartan War or Boeotian War

379 Bc - 371 Bc

Sparta tried to impose dominance on all of Greece and then this war started

Battle of Chaironea (spelled many ways) - Phillip 2 conquest of Greece Macedonia v Greece

338 BC

The Macedonians fought the alliance of Greek City-States

Alexander the Great - conquest of Egypt/Persia

334 BC

Alexander the Great fought and won the battles for Persia and Egypt but then died of a Fever