AK Coal timeline


American Russian Company chooses ice

ARC decides it's more profitable to to ship ice than coal

Alaska Coal Company begins operating

Operated in Kachemak Bay. Eventually abandoned

Sherman Antitrust Act

limits growth of monopolies. aims to encourage competition

Alaska minig and Development Company opened mine

Chignik River, 500 tons annually taken by Alaska Packer's Association

North Pacific Mining and Transportation Company

shipped 300 tons of coal before they abandoned the mine

Cook Inlet Coal Fields Company opened in Homer

$200,000 invested

Only 5,000 new residents in AK

congress extends coal laws of US to Alaska

Act of 1904

permitted entry to unsurveyed lands. Surveying needed to be completed at applicants expense. Only 160acres/person

Roosevelt suspends Act of 1904

Alaska Central Railroad went bankrupt and Copper River Railroad construction halted

Guggenheim/Cunningham contract

Daniel Guggenheim entered in to contract with Cunningham claimants.
Wickersham thinks it prompted Roosevelt's 1906 order

Act of May 28, 1908

U.S sets prices for coal, and has first dibs to coal in AK. Producers can sue gov. if they are unhappy with the prices

If any threat of monopoly title forfeited. First instance in US of losing property for criminal offenses

Wickersham believes it's most drastic anti-monopoly law

Act authorizing withdrawal of public lands

Taft upholds Roosevelt's executive order indefinitely

Cunningham trials

charged with combining claims and entry made with unlawful intent.

Sec. of Navy Annual Report

expresses interest in Alaska Coal

HR 30293 introduced

Wickersham makes statement to congress

Gives his opinion on HR 32080

Alaska Coal lands hearing

Senate Bill 8270-authorized entries made prior to 1906

Alaska Railroad Commission

Bering River has coal beds 3-25ft thick

Report on Coal in Alaska for Navy use

Coal examined 1912

Feasible to be removed, but not high enough quality

Act of Oct. 20, 1914

Secretary of Interior charged with surveying coal fields. Given $100,000 to do so. Mat and Bering focus, Nenana in 1916
President can set aside up to 5120acres in Bering River and 7680 in Mat. for mining when he finds it necessary for government
Secretary of Interior in charge of dividing tracs for lease to qualifying individuals
No subletting allowed

Regulations governing coal land laws in AK approved

Regulations governing coal laws passed

Put Matanuska and Bering River coal fields up for lease.