Greek Tineline


Mycenaean Conquest of Minion Civilization

1450 BC - 1400 BC

Trojan war

1,190 BC - 1,180 BC

The story is about a human who married a god and the gods had a party but one god was not aloud. She was mad and tossed her wedding gift in. The gods who found it fought at who was the fairest {as it said on the gift}.So the asked a human who was the fairest by promising and bribing him. Afordity promising him the love of his life. She kept her promise although it cause war for who got Helen. This went on for a decade. Until a guy came up with a idea to give them a "gift ". However it was a trap. People were inside ready to kill and they did.

Sparta conquest of Messian

743 BC - 710 BC

The First Messiaen War was a war between Messiaen and Sparta .When the Spartans found out that the Messiaen fields were more fruitful than their own, they wanted to have them. There was a temple on the boundary of where the people of both countries used to assemble on certain days to offer up sacrifices to the gods. The Messiaen lads, seeing the beauty of the Spartan girls, and longing to have such strong, handsome, and intelligent wives, once carried off a few of them into their own country, and refused to give them up again. The Spartans, indignant at this conduct, flew to arms, and one night, led by their king, attacked the Messiaen town of Amphea.

1st Persian War

490 BC

2nd Persian War

480 B.C. - 476 B.C.

Athens v Sparta war

431 BC - 404 BC

Alexander the Great - conquest of Egypt/Persia

336 BC - 323 BC