Greek thingy for Social Studies


Mycenaean Conquests of Minoan

Approx. 1450 BC - Approx. 1150 BC

Minoans get wrecked by Mycenaeans because they want the land.

Trojan War

Approx. 1194 bc - Approx. 1,184 B.C

The guy takes Helen so they get into a war. Greece wins, and Troy is destroyed.

Spartan Conquest of Messenian

Approx. 743 B.C - Approx. 710 B.C

Sparta Conquests Messian. Sparta wins, gets land.

Peleponnesian war

Approx. 499 B.C - Approx. 449 B.C

Sparta wins and Athens goes bankrupt

First Persian War

Approx. 492 B.C - Approx. 490 B.C

Darius gets defeated by Athens

Second Persian War

Approx. 480 B.C - Approx. 479 B.C

King Xerxes gets beat by the Greeks

Alexander v. The World

Approx. 331 B.C - Approx. 327 B.C

Alexander the Great was like "I want to conquer the world" so he went to Egypt and was like I own you now, then he went to Persia and said "I own you now."