MILITARY HISTORY gabe childress


Trojan war

1194 BC - 1184 BC

The Trojan war was a war that happened because a god prince named Parris stole Hellen away to Sparta which caused a conflict of alliances. (the Trojan war) Then additions put an end to the whole thing by tricking the Spartans by giving them a huge wooden horse witch secretly had a lot of men that came out and killed the king of Sparta ""

Messenian war

743 bc - 710 bc

The war was between Spartans and their fellow Dorians who lived in Messenia, it happened for various reasons

1st Persian war

492 bc - 490 bc

A war between the Persians and the Greeks that started with the first invasion that was when the Persian king decided to conquer Greece and outnumbered them. Then followed the battle of the marathon which took place 25 miles away from Athens and when it was over and the Athenians won, they ran 25 miles back to protect their city from the Persians. tats where the origin of marathon running races came from

Second Persian war

480 bc - 479 bc

This started with the second invasion of Greece. Then the battle of Thermopylae. That was when the Greeks lead the persons into a narrow body of water between two mountains called Thermopylae. The battle of Salamis was on the island of salamis mostly on boats.

Peloponnesian war (athens vs Sparta)

431 bc - 421 bc

The Spartans sent multiple invasions to Attica while Athens took the advantage and raided the coast of the Peloponnese.

Alexander the great

356 bc - 323 bc

Alexander was born in Pella, Macedonia and conquerd most of the known world and died from a fever.