Greek Timeline


Trojan War

Approx. 1250 BCE - 1241 BC

The story of the start of the war involves the gods and the marrage of two mortals. In the marrage all of the gods were there, exept for one. The god the was not invited was Eris the godess of discord. Distraught she threw in her wedding gift - a golden apple on which the words the fairest were written. Athena, Aphordite, and Hera all thought that the apple belonged to them. Finally they dicided to get an unbiased judge. They picked a random mortal by the name of Paris, the Prince of Troy. He judged Aphordite the winner in return for any person that he wanted would love him. He picked Helen of the Greeks and took her as something that belonged to him. This enraged the Greeks and declared war on the Trojans. The huge war lasted a decade. Eventually, Odysseus tricked the trojans with a huge wooden horse that appeared as a gift. There were solders hidden inside of the horse and once the horse was dragged into the city the exploded out the destroyed Troy. The Greeks won. Some of the famous people in the battle were Odysseus, Ajax, and Achellies.

Spartans conquest of Messenian

Approx. 743 BCE - 711 BC

Every year the Spartan declared war on the Messenians regardless of there current relationship. The reason that they did this was so that they could kill them without uppsetting the gods. The most likely cause for the beggining of the struggle might be that there was good fertile land that the Spartans wanted. The Messenians finally revolted and beat the Spartans. Some famous people include the King of Sparta, Teleklos. Also, the poet Tyrtaeus.

Pellopenissian War

499 BCE - 449 BCE

The two huge city-states went to war for the reason that Sparta beleived that Athens was getting too powerful and strong. Eventually the Spartains attacked and started the war that lasted nearly three decades. In the end Sparta won, but both city-states suffered huge losses and nethier fully regained their preivious hieght. The Athenian leader Pericles played a big role in the war by adapting the stratigy of attiration.

Persian War 1

490 BCE - 479 BCE

The first Persian war was staged be Darius the first decided that the Greeks
were too troublesome and decided to stage a war. He thought that they might be valuble to subdue. He sent a fleet of warships and way more warriors then he thought the Greeks could handle. He was severely wrong. The Greeks of Athens were much more compentent that he imagined. They slaughtered the Persians killed up to 6,000 persians and losing only 192 Greeks. Then they ran all of the way back up to there city in order to prevent it from being invaded. This battle was later refered to as the battle of Marathon, orginating the word and event of marathons.

Persian War 2

480 BCE

In the second Persian war the son of Darius the first wanted revenge for his fathers death to the Greek before. His name was Xerxes. He, learning from his fathers mistakes sent an army around on land. It was an long and difficult journey and it gave the Greeks time to prepare. However Xerxes also sent a Persian fleet of ships to attack the cost. The Greeks sent a force of 300 of the deadly Spartans. They choose a stratigic location were the invading Persians could only send a few men a once throught the canyon. Sadly there was a betrayal and a Spartan showed the Persian army how to get around the canyon and attack the Spartans from behind. The Spartans lost but fought to the death and killed many Persians. They delayed the army for at least a day.

Alexander the Great

Approx. 336 BCE - 323 BCE

Alexander the Great had a very noble birth-Queen Olympias and King Phillip II. Some say that he was even born to Zeus, the king of the gods. He was a protigy of a child and even tamed a huge wild stallion at age 12. His father hired Aristotle to teach Alexander of Science and Medcine. This sparked an interest in him. From then on he loved literature, science, medicine and philosophy. When he was just 16, his father had to go fight the Byzantiums and he left Alexander in charge of Macodonia. Alexander saw this as a good chance for him to display is courage and vigor, so he took a calvery and destroyed the Band of Thebes a supposedly unbeatable group of male lovers. Saldly when he was 20 his father was assinated, and Alexader claimed the throne. From then on he spread out around and conquered all kinds of places. Eventually he declares himself as the king of Eygpt and Persia.

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