Greek Timeline


Trojan War

1250 BCE - 1240 BCE

The Trojan War started in 1250 BCE and ended in 1260 BCE. It was a war between the Persia and Troy. The ending result is the defeat of Troy.

Messenian War

743 BC - 710 BC

The Messenian War was fought between the Spartians and Dorians who lived in Messenia. It started in 743 BCE and ended in 710 BCE. There are two reasons for the war but the one that it more likely is that the Spartians wanted to conquer the Messenian rich and fertile soil. The ending result of the war was the defeat of the Messenians

Persian war 1

490 BCE - 479 BCE

The first Persian war, also called the battle of marathon, was a great battle between the Persians and the Greeks. This war killed 6,000 Persians and 192 Greeks.

Persian War 2

480 BCE - 449 BCE

Because of the loss of the Persians in the 1st Persian War (the battle of marathon) the king Darion wanted revenge on the Spartians so he sent a group of over 200,000 soldiers and 1,000 war ships to conquer the Spartians and the Persians ended up achieving their goal.

Peloponessian War (2nd) - Athens v Sparta

431 BC - 404 BC

The Greek city-state Athens started growing rapidly and the regions of the Peloponessians ,who were led by the Spartians, were alarmed by the Greeks quick growth. Athens tried to take away Megora from the Spartians and the Spartians launched a 15 year long battle to get Megora back, in which they succeeded. Next a 30 year peace treaty was agreed.

Alexander The Great Conquers Persia And Becomes King

331 B.C

After Alexander The Great conquered Egypt, he went on in 331 B.C to try and conquer Persia which meant going to war with Persian king Darius. After the battle, Alexander found Darius's dead body and evidently felt sorry about killing him, and gave him a royal burial ceremony. After he ceremony Alexander declared himself king of Persia.