Ancient Greece Timeline 2


Trojan War

1,190 bc - 1,180 bc

This war was a conflict between the kingdoms of Troy and Mycenaean Greece. Greece won because they sent a wooden horse into the city and it was full of soldiers.

Messenian War

743 bc - 710 bc

Sparta vs. Messenians, Sparta might have wanted the land of the Messenians. Or Sparta feared Messia because they had a good reputation on all of the other city-states thought trading and culture things.

Peloponnesian war

499 bc - 449 bc

This war was Sparta vs. Athens. Sparta won.

Persian Wars

492 bc - 449 bc

Persian War 1, Battle of Marathon

490 bc

The Persians tried to conquer Greece. Lead by Darius 1. Greece won.

Persian War 2, Battle of Thermopylae

480 bc

Persians sent a fleet of ships to conquer Greece. They where lead by the son of king Darius 1, King Xerxes. Greece once agian won.

Battle of Issus

333 bc

Macedonian vs. Persia. Macedonian wins led by Alexander the great.

Battle of Tyre

July 332 BC.

Alexander the great kills Tyrians and takes them as slaves.