UNIA was founded by Marcus Garvey

July 15, 1914

The first attempt to found the UNIA is made by Marcus Garvey in Jamaica

August 1, 1914

Garvey moved to Harlem New York to strengthen the organization

May 9, 1916

The UNIA Inc. is incorporated in New York by Marcus Garvey

July 02, 1918

The Black Star Line was capitalized at 10 million dollars

June 27, 1919

Garvey passed away in London

June 10, 1940

A funeral was held for Marcus Garvey held at St.Marks Methodist Episcopal

July 21, 1940

The Emergency Conference of the UNIA was held to for the President-General to fill two years of Mr. Garvey’s term

August 18, 1940 - August 20, 1940

The New Negro World newspaper launched in Cleveland, Ohio

October 19, 1940

A Council Meeting was held in Cleveland for the 21st Anniversary of the UNIA’s occupation of the Cleveland Liberty Hall

February 14, 1941