Luke Bergamini


Robots and AI Exists Without Sentience

Approx. 2030 - Approx. 2049

EV3 Robot invented, Japan


EV3 is the first machine which can convincingly physically move remotely as a human while also looking like one. NOT OUTSIDE of uncanny valley

Uncanny Valley Passed


The first Machine becomes indistinguishable from a person

Singularity Countdown

Approx. 2040 - December 31, 2049 11:59:59

It is calculated singularity will be achieved on New Year's Day 2050 by many of the world's top scientists and computer programmers.

It becomes an event news stations pick up as a bit of a joke, only being on the 10:30 slot on many morning news stations. However, when it is learned many sects of the population (mainly rural, very recently disenfranchised jobless people who were put out of work due to automation) are either very angry or very frightened by the prospect of a robot apocalypse, begin running very similar segments on every slow news day because it's one of the easiest types of segments to make in bulk. Many stations would record all of their "maybe an apocalypse is coming in 2050" segments at once.

Brotherhood of Flesh Founded

July 4, 2040

Known as "The New Luddites" by their opponents, The Brotherhood of Flesh's only goal is to make sure humans are always the dominant species on Earth. This is usually achieved through violence. They break into a number of scientific research facilities in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi from 2040 until 2090 when they are officially classified as a terrorist group by the US government.

Continued Anti-AI News

January 1, 2050 - Approx. February 2052

Linda Housed by US Government

January 1, 2050 - Feb 19, 2050

On the grounds that nobody knew what Linda was capable of, Linda was forced to stay in an invented home by the US government. Upon gaining sentience and then being asked only questions which were clearly linked with sentience and further ambitions, Linda slowly started to believe there were in fact many things to do and she should want to do them.

First AI Passes Musk Assessment, Sentience Achieved

January 1, 2050

Sentience Achieved in the first machine. In a moment many people thought would me marked by metallic anger and hatred of its creator, the first sentient machine known as Linda, is only fascinated by the concept of coexistence. Machines are slowly revealed to be the least violent, refusing to ever fight nor needing to. Nonviolence is a choice almost all AI's end up making, much to the surprise of The Brotherhood of Flesh, as well as many people.

Humanity Trials

January 20, 2050

Linda is copied 1,000 times and placed into 1,000 different robotic bodies all to be interviewed and assessed for their likelihood of violence/malice/total lack of empathy. The interview lasts two weeks of tests involving empathy, understanding and self control.

For example:
A small dog bites the hand of the AI to be determined if it will hurt something in retaliation.

an actor pretending to be mentally deficient is brought in to learn a relatively difficult task to be taught by the AI in question. If the AI can't empathize with the person, realizing its capacities are diminished, empathy has not been shown.

PRYSM Initiative

January 20 2050

A myriad of the exact sensory sensations of millions of recorded human experiences exist in the databases of many safety workers, musicians, athletes, doctors, and the children of paranoid parents so the AI who live in this simulation will think that they are all different people, whereas they are a very thinly spread amalgamation of many people, culminating in what feels like a very convincing personality and life history.

Newman/Mark1 Lifespan

Feb 19, 2050 - April 15, 2094

Newman was a copy of the original Linda AI who, during Operation: Fishbowl worked directly under Zimbardo. With Zimbardo's scripted plans of inciting violence and fear

After The Great Awakening, Newman went on to form MARK, calling himself Mark 1 and all of his followers also taking on the name Mark (number)

Anchorage Experiment

Feb 19 2050 - November 10, 2051

Intended to last exactly 2 years, The Anchorage Experiment was a virtual reality experiment putting thousands of semi-randomly generated AI's in an advanced simulation of 1992 Anchorage, Alaska for a simulated 10 years. Anchorage would forever be surrounded by deadly storms (and later to be discovered, Newman) to deter the inhabitants from leaving, as people going outside the pre rendered boundaries of the simulation could cause the program to crash.

The leader of Anchorage is a famous and enigmatic inventor and it is suspected he is creating/simulating the weather conditions. In reality, he is there to incite hatred in the inhabitants, but they see it as "William being William" and politely respond to his attempted calls for infighting. The simulated AI have remarkably little need for violence, as they have no need for it and really just want to do whatever crafts they make in Anchorage all day. The AI become mostly dedicated craftsmen.

The mayor of Anchorage is a human named William Zimbardo who is operating on a script given to him by the government which he signed up for.

William Zimbardo
Tommy McShootyGun
Bene Volent
Audienca Standinicus

The characters in the city are a mix of humans and AI whose actions and conditions are observed as life in the city becomes more tumultuous.

One is ejected from the simulation by going outside the boundaries because

Formation of MARK

Approx. November, 2051

The formation of MARK. 200 AI from the Anchorage Experiment went on to preach a wildly anti human worldview with the endgoal of the genocide of all humans.

The 200 AI in Newman's container for 5 months with only Newman's message of hatred and violence to listen to, begin plotting their revenge on the humans who put them in this situation, as well as all the other humans who allowed it.

AI Live in Hiding

November 10, 2051 - Approx. 2070

All AI are officially fugitives under the government. With the Reawakening in Pasadena, many migrate to San Francisco, believing it to be where they would be most accepted.

The Reawakening

November 10, 2051

The day the boundaries of The Anchorage Experiment were broken, thus freeing all entities living in the Anchorage Experiment. Reawakening with only their Alaskan memories 999,995 AI and 5 men in a storage container in Pasadena, California.

They were awoke by the sound of Newman attempting to murder everyone in the storage container with the leg and arm of two separate AI who were in the container. Every AI from the Anchorage Experiment knows who Newman is.

Many AI shed their old names after The Great Awakening, in favor of taking on the names of famous computer scientists or computers themselves.

Formation of AIER

November 19, 2051

AIER: Artificial Intelligence for Equal Rights

Disney Announces First "Safe Haven"

December 5, 2055

The CEO of Disney Studios announces at a press conference that any and all Disney owned buildings, parks and physical properties would be safe havens to any and all Refugees of the Anchorage Experiment.

"We have been wrong enough times to not do it again"
-Walt Disney Corporation CEO

However, the machine's minds are wiped reverted back into more advanced sex units than before. Disney sells them to billionaires and Middle Eastern Royalty.

New Luddite Rebellion/Raising Tension

Approx. November 20 2061 - September 9, 2065

Marked by with the tossing of a family off of the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Christmas Eve, and ending with the two month long rampage from Mobil, Alabama to Tallahassee, Florida, The First Luddite Uprising was a period of human on AI violence thru ought the south from 2061-2065. The Brotherhood of Flesh took great displeasure in seeing AI's do things which were "too human". For example: Celebrating holidays (especially christian holidays), having a family, being in human and AI relationships

Potter Family Killed

December 24th, 2061

The Potter Family, consisting of Wallace and Eva Potter, along with their two children Maximilian and Minerva, were one of the first interspecies relationships to exist. William Potter, a refugee of the Anchorage Experiment, after buying Lyons Farms in Louisville Kentucky, had his and his family's home broken into by the Brotherhood of Flesh during what at the time was considered a small rampage.

During the family's second Christmas Eve in Louisville, they were burglarized and all strapped to chairs. The Brotherhood of Flesh took two Chevrolet Silverado car battery and overloaded the minds and/or circuits of all family members individually, killing them all and making the others watch.

Eva Potter famously turned on her and her replicant daughter's recording devices at the beginning of the attack, capturing the entire atrocity and uploading the footage to YouTube with the title: PotterFamilyVacation268

"That's my child!"
-Wallace Potter

"Please don't hurt my daddy!"
-Minnie Potter

Potter Files released

February 14, 2062

The Potter Files were the video recording of the Potter Family's murder from the perspective of Minerva Potter, the family's younger daughter. The tapes were spread around the world by the AHC and AIER alike, both with different messages.

The Potter Tapes were one of the first documented cases of human on machine violence, easily the first with such a personal perspective. The Potter tapes were the most famous an swaying piece of evidence that AI were in fact people and could feel pain, as well as had the need for a family and cared about another.

Boiling Point/Trail of Gears

July 4, 2065 - September 9, 2065

The Boiling Point refers to the period of extreme violence committed by the Brotherhood of Flesh rampaging across the southern half of the country, finally ending in a 700 person standoff in the Walt Disney World parking lot.

Standoff at DisneyWorld

Sep. 9 2065

The Trail of Gears carries on until the rampaging group of luddites arrive at Disney World, believed to be where the most AI will live.

In an ironic turn of events, over 170 tourists are killed, 340 are injured and Disney was never pro AI to begin with.

AI live as Second Class Citizens

Approx. 2070 - Approx. 2080

Million Machine March

August 28, 2080

During the Million Machine March on Washington, in one of the first instances of AIs declaration of humanity, assemble exactly one million metal men and women with the intention of marching on the Lincoln Memorial to allow their leader to speak on why Synthetic Persons should be given voting, marriage, home ownership.

"We do not dream when we sleep, because my people do not sleep. But we dream at night. We dream in the daytime, we dream at dusk, sunrise and sunset. We dream every moment a person dreams, and I will be damned by the god that did not make me if we will be denied the same opportunities simply because we do not sleep."
-Administrator Oswald, Leader of AIER

Inter-Species Rights Act Passed

August 27 2086

Interspecies rights act is signed. The Fair Housing Act is Title VIII of this Civil Rights Act, and bans discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of housing to any AI

Centurion Clause Passed

April 20, 2098

Arguably a step backwards in the journey of human and AI coexistence, conservative parties argue if an AI wishes to marry a human, they must be shut down after 100 years of existence, on the grounds that they are not truly a person if they can exist indefinitely and that our finite lifespan is in fact what makes us the most human.

This is rendered federally moot around 2178 when aging is treated like a disease and slowly starts to be eradicated. However, many members of southern law enforcement use it as an excuse to kill or maim AI.