WWII Pacific War By: Aaron Yan


Attack on Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

This was the first Japanese offensive on America, causing America's entry into the Pacific War.

Doolittle Raid

April 18, 1942

This was a miniature offensive on Japanese homelands to which American bombers proved that the Japanese were vulnerable and also boosted American morale.

Battle of Coral Sea

May 4, 1942

An American victory when Allied Forces prevented a Japanese invasion of Southeast New Guinea. It was the first air and sea battle in history.

Battle of Midway

June 4, 1942

The battle was a major turning point for America in the Pacific War as they were able to defeat Japan in one of the most significant naval battles.

Battle of Guadalcanal

August 7, 1942

This was the first major offensive in the Pacific for the Allied Powers and another major turning point in the war.

Battle of Tarawa

November 20, 1943

This was the second major offensive in the Pacific War from the Allied Powers however this time, both sides suffered heavy casualties.

Battle of Leyte

October 14, 1944

Considered one of the largest naval battles, this was a victory to which American and Filipino forces worked together into defeating Japanese forces.

Battle of Iwo Jima

February 19, 1945

Most brutal fight in the Pacific where almost all the residents and Japanese were either killed or committed suicide after US forces took control.

Battle of Okinawa

April 1, 1945

One of the largest battles in history which was won by America giving them leverage and guaranteeing Japanese loss. Both sides suffered heavy casualties but in the end, US forces won.

Dropping of the Atom Bombs

August 6, 1945 - August 9, 1945

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki finally convinced Japanese Emperor Hirohito into surrendering. It was the last conflict in the Pacific and began a new age, a nuclear age.