British History


King Cnit invades Britain


Reign of King Cnit

1016 - 1035

Reign of Edward I

1042 - 1066

Son of Emma, sister of the Duke of Normandy, widow of the King who was killed by Cnit from Scandinavia

Reign of Harold


Elected by the Witan at the death of Edward I of Normandy, killed by William I, Duke of Normandy during the battle of Hastings

Reign of William I

1066 - 1087

Guillaume le Conquérant

Battle of Hastings

14 October 1066

Reign of William Rufus

1087 - 1100

Son of William I the Conqueror

Reign of Henry I

1100 - 1135

Reign of Stephen

1135 - 1154

Henry Ist's nephew

Reign of Henry II

1154 - 1189

Henry Plantagenet, Duke of Anjou