the black press


Edward Nathaniel Harleston establishes the Pittsburgh Courier.

Jan 27 1927

The anti-slavery journal, the African Journal, is published in Philadelphia; while another anti-slavery journal, the National Philanthropist, is founded in Boston.

Mar 17 1928

Samuel Cornish changes the name of Freedom's Journal to The Rights of All; however, all publication ends less than six months later.

Jun 20 1929

A freed-black newspaper is started in Columbus, OH known as Palladium of Liberty.

Aug 17 1939

An unofficial FBI investigation begins against the black press. The Pittsburgh Courier launches another Double V campaign. Army Intelligence begins to seek methods for preventing distribution of black

Feb 13 1942

Elijah Muhammad founds the weekly newspaper, Muhammed Speaks, which is the official paper of the Nation of Islam. It later changes its name to the Final Call.

Sep 18 1960

The Association of Black Journalists is formed in Philadelphia. This organization is the predecessor to the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).

Dec 15 1963

The Black Panther Paper, based in Oakland, CA, is published.

Oct 30 1967

Moneta Sleet of Jet Magazine is named the first black photographer to win a Pulitzer Prize for feature of photojournalism.

March 20 1969

Forty-four black news reporters form the National Association of Black Journalists in Washington, DC.

May 17 1975