CyberDay work


when doctors thought i was going to be born i was doing to be born


I was born six days later and two days before my momś 21st birthday

me being born


I was actaul was born in the middle of the night .

My Girlfriend´ś Brithday


me getting my first dog


I got her from my aunt on my first birthday and my dog´s name was Dog also i would always have her in a purple bandana she was a boxer she was just a gentle giant.

my first day at daycare


My first day of daycare was my last day at daycare because I punched someone in the nose for pulling my hair so I got banned from daycare the people there still give me glares if i see them in a store.

me and my mom wrecked


Me and my mom were going down a mountain with a deer ran out on the roadmy mom avoded it but we ran out of the road.My mom said i blacked out because i hit my head on the window.

The day I made a new friend


Her names is Kaylee and ever since the day we meet we were close.

me and my mom wrecked again


My mom was driving on the wet rode then we spun out of the road almost hitting a light pole .My great uncale called my dad and the police and an abulence because he thought i was hurt even though i said i was fine and that is about the time me and my mother almost died.

the time me and my brother swear we saw a ghost


Me and my brother were playing GTA when me and my brother smelled a weird purfum and it was not my sister or my mom they were already asleep so i got up and look around because someone with purfum on may have been in my house.So after searching the whole house i opened the door to look out when i looked out i saw a seloet of a woman in a dress .My brother walked up to me and asked what i was starring at i pointed at the seloet of the woman after a while it dispeared .

something amazing happens


I got a girlfriend! Not gonna say her name because if i do she might kill me.