National Negro League


The National Negro League was found by Rube Foster.

February 13, 1920

The first game NNL game was played.

May 2, 1920

Ed Bolden Organized the Eastern Color League.

October 11, 1923

The Eastern Color League disbands midseason.

October 12, 1928

The stock market crashed. Great Depression places financial pressure on america, including The Nation Negro League.

October 12, 1929

Nation Negro League founder died during extensive hospital care.

October 12, 1930

The National Negro League was ended.

March 26, 1932

The Negro Southern League becomes the only major African-American baseball league operating.

October 17, 1932

The first world series was played at Yankee Stadium

September 13, 1942

Jackie Robinson is signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946. The prevous color barrier has been broken.

October 12, 1946