Revolutionary War Events


Stamp Act Congress

March 22, 1765

Stamps were required on all important documents

Quarting Act of 1765

May 3, 1765

Americans were required to let British soldiers into their homes and house them

Boston massacre

March 5, 1770

Took place when British troops fired into an angry mob of anti- British demonstrators who were throwing snow, rocks, and ice at the troops. The troops fired into the crowd killing 5 people total.

Tea Act

May 10, 1773

The catalyst to the Boston Tea Party. The British East India Trading Company was losing money due to smugglers so Britain had given a break to the trading company, not put taxes on tea.

Boston Tea Party

December 16, 1773

Americans angry about the lowered taxes for the British East India Trading Company. The Americans boarded (some dressed as Native Americans) British Merchant/Trading ships and tossed out millions f dollars worth of tea.

First Continental Congress

October 26, 1774

Discussed response to the British Intolerable Acts

Battle of Lexington and Concord

April 19, 1775

This was the first battle of the Revolutionary War. The Massachusetts minutemen fought a brief skirmish with British troops

Second Continental Congress

May 10, 1775

They moved towards and closer to independence. Also adopted the Declaration of Independce

Common Sense

January 10, 1776

A pamphlet made by Thomas Paine which advocated America's independence from Great Britain

Battle of Saratoga

september 19, 1777 - october 7, 1777

This was a major turning point in the war. British general John Burgoyne lost 86% of his army after trying a new strategy (Divide and Conquer). British and Hessian troops surrendered