East St. Louis Race Riot


Violent mob attack on black residents of Springfield, Illinois.

june 6, 1908

Racial tensions began to increase when 470 African American workers

February, 1917

The riot was sparked, when a Ford sedan with white men in it drove the black section

July 1, 1917

The disturbances were only a prelude to the violence that erupted.

July 2, 1917

World War II civil rights era save East St. Louis from an decline that began as soon as the pogrom ended

July 4, 1917

Marcus Garvey said “This is the laws of humanity, it is a crime against the Nature,

July 8th, 1917

After the riots, little was done to prevent any further problems.

may 28 1920

The violence started on after a city council meeting was called.

May 28, 1925

The NAACP created with northern Democrats anti-lynchingas it assert a vision of economic justice.

august 12, 1930

The investigation resulted in the indictment of several members of the East St. Louis police force. Sources

feb 18, 1945