Lawrence Guyot He was a driving force behind the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

may 25, 1939

In response to increasing literacy among blacks, the test, which originally asked applicants to "read or interpret" a section of the state constitution,

April 10, 1954

Less than 7 percent of the state’s eligible black voters were registered to vote in Mississippi in 1962.

june 1, 1962

Freedom Summer was a 1964 voter registration project in Mississippi

june 6, 1964

The Justice Department, then led by Attorney General Robert Kennedy,

june 10, 1964

The first three hundred people arrived.

June 15, 1964

White students, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, both from New York, and a local African American, James Chaney, disappeared.

June 16, 1964

Andy Goodman was murdered.

June 21, 1964

The men, including the Klan's Imperial Wizard Samuel Bowers, who had allegedly ordered the murders,

October 12, 1967

41 years to the day after the murders - Killen was found guilty of manslaughter

June 21, 2005