Trojan war

1200 BCE

A war between the early Greeks and Troy, was celebrated by a book called The Iliad. Paris, from Troy, took Helen from her husband Menelaus, who was the king of Sparta. Sparta got mad and started a war .Achilles got rekt at the end of the Trojan war

Sparta conquest of Messian Civilization

743 BCE

A war between Messenia and Sparta, Sparta won.

Battle of Marathon

490 BCE

Took place in the first Persian invasion of Greece. Fought mainly between Athens and Persia. The war started because Persia tried to invade greece.

2nd Persian war

480 BCE

the 2nd time Persia attempted to invade Greece, occurred during the Greco-Persian wars, Xerxes wanted to finish his fathers attempt to invade Greece. Greece won.

Peloponessian War

431 BCE

A war between the people of Athens and the people of Sparta. Resulted with destruction of Athens.

Alexander the great

336 BCE

336 BCE is when alexander the great became king. He spread his empire over asia and northeast africa,making the biggest empire in the world by the age of 30.