Euro Crap


Guilds originate


became dominant, peaked 17th +18th centuries
had monopoly over trade and apprentices
ended with being a form of control
-> could enforce laws and gave standards
-> social and religious functions

Peak of guilds

1/1/1600 - 12/31/1799


1/1/1600 - 1/1/1800

after scientific rev, focused on science of interpersonal contact and society
on improving human life
->individual rights
->medicine (before evil spirits and bloodletting)

Guilds Increas in cities and towns across Europe

1/1/1650 - 12/31/1750

Guilds were the breakdown system of production and trade (invented in the middle ages, 1200ish)

Mary Wortley Montagu

1689 - 1762

found smallpox vaccine from cowpox

Women had 5-6 children

1700 - 1800

Adam Smith

6/16/1723 - 7/17/1790

believed in using individualism to make a specialised working system
-> fought against guilds and their restrictions
--> obstruct technical progress
---> even playing field (kinda capitalist)
economic liberalism: free trade and competition
-> less regulation
division of labor
-> similar to McD's chain system (specialization)

Ewward Jenner

1749 - 1823

18 years of inductive reasoning to find how using a mild disease preps the immune system to deal with harder stuff
--> like everywhere else, start small

Madame du Coudray's "Manual on the Art of Childbirth"


women had been oppressed and thus this allowed them to learn without reading as she focused on visuals using real models

Govn't supports Madame du Coudray


supported her way of evening the field and teaching women