College to Career to Masters Degree Timeline



August 1998

Started school at the University of Akron in Business Management to focus on career in management.

Transferred College

August 1999

Moved to Florida and attended Daytona Beach Community College to increase the likely hood of career opportunities.

Started an E-Commerce class

January 2000

I was interested in learning more about on-line business and how it would become the future. So I connected with Dr. Monkuri and we started an E-commerce class.

Started new Delta Epsilon Chi chapter

February 2000

I wanted to start networking in the area. So I started a local chapter Business Organization called Delta Epsilon Chi.

Started my own business

February 2002

I started a siding and screen room business. It was profitable; but I soon realized I need more knowledge regarding how to properly run a business successfully.

Went back to school

January 2012

I went back to college in Daytona. The school had changed it's name to Daytona State College. It was time to gain the knowledge I needed.

Graduated with my Bachelor's degree

May 2013

I Graduated with my degree. But no longer had a desire to run my own business. So I went into the Job market.

Working for Keiser University

November 2014

I landed a job in higher education as an admissions rep. Eventually my knowledge and education regarding business led me to my current position of Bursar.

Found a passion for higher education

January 2017

The longer I worked in higher education the more involved I wanted to be. Eventually leading me to want to teach in some capacity.

Enrolled in Masters program at UCF

January 2018

Finally decided to take the leap and pursue a degree that would help me get into the higher education teaching world.