George S. Patton-A timeline by Cal Nesvig


Georgie's Grandfather bought Lake Vineyard


Georgie Patton's Grandfather, Benjamin Davis Wilson, called Don Benito, came to California in 1841 and bought Lake Vineyard from a widow

George Patton was born

November 11, 1885

Baptized in Our Savior's ch in San Gabriel, California, The same church where George's parents were married.

Patton gets married

May 26, 1910

George marries Beatrice Ayer

1912 Sumer Olympics


George S Patton was in the 1912 Sumer Olympics in what is now the modern pentathlon.

George Patton wounded in tank battle


Patton is injured while leading his tank group against German machine guns

Patton returns to the cavalry


Patton leaves the tank group to go back to the cavalry

The Manager of The Army Polo team


George S. Patton was the manager of the army team which amazed many by winning the American Open Championship at Meadow Brook.

The Conflict with Europe


Two people in the US knew that the US would fight Europe, President Franklin and George Patton

Patton leads troops in Africa

November 1942

Patton leads troops in North Africa

Patton leads invasion of Sicily

July 1943

Patton used as diversion

January 1944

After getting in trouble for slapping a soldier, Patton was moved around to vaious locations. The Germans moved troops to where Patton was located because they thought Patton would lead any invasion.

The Third Army Cut German Forces in Half

August 1944

Patton leads the Western flank for the allies after the invasion of Normandy

Battle of the Bulge

December 1944

The last major offensive by the Germans was called the Battle of the Bulge. Patton's arny led the successful allied forces.

General Patton Dies

December 21, 1945

Patton dies 12 days after a car accident which occurred just before he was to fly home after World War II.