Chapter 3 Section 5

From 2500 B.C. to A.D. 1912.


Acupuncture, creation!!!

2500 bc

At around this time, acupuncture was started to relieve pain or treat various illnesses.

Hanfeizi, death

233 bc

Hanfeizi created Legalism, and according to him, "the nature of men is evil. His goodness is aquired."

Zheng, ""First Emperor"- Death

221 bc - 210 bc

Shi Huangdi had brutal methods but he ushered in China's Classical Age- when China set patterns in government, philosphy, religion, science, and the arts that serve as framework for later cultures.

Gao Zu

206 bc

Gao Zu was an illiterate peasant leader who defeated rival armies.

Wudi, reign

141 bc - 87 bc

Wudi took China to new heights when he strengthened the government and economy.

The Chinese Accept Buddhism

100 - 400

Missionaries and merchants had spread Mahayana Buddhism from India into China, and they slowly began to accept the foreign religion.

Lessons for Women Published


A handbook of behavior written by Ban Zhao carefully spells out the proper behavior for women and men.

Civil Service

202 - 1912

Civil Service differed from dynasty to dynasty, but it put men trained in Confucian thought at every level of government and created an enduring system of values.

Chinese Unity

220 - 620

For about this time, China had been united, but when ambitious warlords attacked, China once again split into separate kingdoms.