Shays Rebellion


Intolerable Acts


A series of punitive laws passed by the British Parliament after the Boston Tea Party. These acts were supposed to punish the Massachusetts colonists, like take away their historic rights, etc., for their rebellion in the Boston tea party. It did not end up well and it only angered them more.

Revolutionary War


Also known as the war of Independence, was a war between Great Britain, and its 13 colonies, fighting for its Independence (13 colonies).

Declaration of Independence


The Declaration of Independence was signed granting the 13 colonies freedom from Britain and to then form a new nation known as the United States of America.

Articles of Confederation Ratified


The original constitution of the US, was then replaced by te US constitution because it had a weak central government and they needed a strong federal government.

Treaty of Paris


The Treaty of Paris ended was a negotiation between the "US" and Great Britain which ended the revolutionary war and formally granted the US freedom and independence.

Shays Rebellion


Shays was a revolutionary war that didn't get paid for his service in the war. His farm also ended up getting taxed while he was serving in the war so he was in debt with no money, so he formed a rebellion with other people with the same issue.

Constitutional Convention


Took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was an event to decide how America was going to be governed and some improvements that could be added.

Ratification of the Constitution


The ratification of the constitutional two sides to it, ones that agreed, and ones that disagreed with it. The sides kept fighting until they had enough states that wanted it to happen so it was ratified. Also has the bill of rights.