How Saint Domingue got its name


The island of hispaniola Was found in 1492 by christopher columbus through 2 centuries later in 1697 the french officially took control of the western half of the island and renamed it Saint Domingue.

Toussaint Louverture's background

1740 - 1749

sometime In the 1740’s Toussaint Louverture was born into slavery. As a young slave he was a herder, coachman, and later in life a overseer of fellow slaves in the field. Toussaint then was granted freedom from his owner, then rented a plantation and acquired his own slaves.

The stamp Act

1765 - 1766

The stamp act was the first tax placed on the colonist by the british government. It was a tax that was applied to all paper documents. It was put in place to help the british with the debt they were in from a seven year war. In 1766 it was repealed.

Boston Massacre

March 5, 1770

On march 5, 1770 a group of british soldiers came to help a sentry who was pressed by a public speaker then it turned into a crowed. The soldiers let out shots and killed five men.

Tea Tax

May 10, 1773

The reason the act was in place wasn't to raise revenue, but in fact to help the floundering East India company which was a key factor to the british economy. It gave them a monopoly of tea sales.

Boston Tea Party

december 16, 1773

The Boston tea party was a group of activist who dressed themselves up as mohawk indians and board the East india company and dump 342 containers into the sea. The “sons of liberty” are said to behind it.

Colonial Delegate meeting in philadelphia (The first Continental congress)

september 5, 1774

George Washington, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, & John Jay all attended a meeting (The first continental congress) in philadelphia to voice their problems with the british government. At first it didn't go as far as independence. Though they agreed to meet again on May 1775, but by then violence had already broke out

Signing the Declaration Independence

july 4, 1776

Saint Domingue’s background

1780 - 1789

By the 1780s the french had established 8,000 plantations and was one of the richest colonies in the world. Those plantations produced 40% of the worlds sugar and 60% of the worlds coffee. The work was done by 500,000 slaves who were owned by 7,000 rich white planters.

The slave rebellion

1789 - 1793

The french revolution started at this time and words meaning freedom started being heard. So then they asked to have slavery abolished and they said no so the slaves burned plantations this started a 12 year rebellion from human rights. In that time toussaint emerged a leader and commanded 4,000 slave troops against french forces.