Jarrod Pedlar 2nd Period Gov


Intolerable Acts

Approx. 1774

The series of acts British Parliament passed in 1774 in reaction to the Boston Tea Party.

revolutionary war

Approx. 1775 - 1783

The war for American independence from Britain.

Common sense

Approx. January 10 1776

First attempt of declaring the colonies free of Britain.

Declaration of Independence

Approx. July 4, 1776

Declaration of Independence signed and the Colonies became United and turned into America.

America has a Flag

Approx. June 14, 1777

Congress declared that the flag of the United States would consist of thirteen alternating red and white stripes, and a blue field with thirteen white stars.

The treason Benedict Arnold


He betrayed his countrymen by leading the British army in battle against the men whom he once commanded.

Congress Creates Department of Finance

Approx. 1781

American finances were in such dire straits that Congress saw the need for a separate department of finance.

Paris Peace negotiations


British, French, and American commissioners met in Paris to discuss peace. The United States sent Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay.Its terms called for Great Britain to recognize American independence and provide for the evacuation of all British troops.

Shays Rebellion

Approx. 1786 - 1787

Group of Massachusetts farmers rebel against government because of unpaid war reward.

Ratification of the Constitution

Approx. 1789

The approval from the legislative branch required to validate government agreements. In the United States, amendments to the Constitution require the ratification of state legislatures, and international treaties require the ratification of the Senate.