Shaun White Timeline



Sept. 3, 1986

Shaun White is born in San Diego California.

Learned to Board


Shaun Learns how to snowboard at the age of 6.

Begins Competing


One year after Shaun first learns how to snowboard he starts to compete at the amateur level.

Becomes Pro


At the age of 13 he begins to compete at the pro level and signs with Burton.

First Pro Win

Apr. 11, 2001

Shaun wins his first major title at the Arctic Challenge.

First Winter X-Games Win


White wins two gold medals at the Winter X-Games. During the same games he earns the Best Athete Award.

First Qualification for the Olympics


One year before the next Winter Olympics he finds out that he has qualified for them!

First Olympic Win


Shaun takes first place at the Turin Winter Olympics!

Skateboarding Competition


Shaun goes to a skateboard competiton and wins first in the halfpipe vert. He now has a reputation in both sports and get fans from him snowboarding and skateboarding.

Video Game Release


Shaun released his new video game called "Shaun White: Snowboarding" giving people the chance to be Shaun competing in competitions.